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#51 - Election Results Certified?

December 16, 2020 Alexander J. Gonzalez
The Gonzo Tonight Show
#51 - Election Results Certified?
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THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTED! So it's over... right? Maybe not. There's still a long way to go before a new president is either reelected or installed. In this episode, we will be covering what happened on December 14th as well as what may happen in January. 

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how's it going guys oh god uh sorry gets me every time but uh how's it going everyone patriots thanks for tuning in to another episode of THE GONZO TONIGHT SHOW and uh we're gonna be talking about this what exactly happened on monday december 14th 2020. we're gonna talk a little bit about that uh but first let's get rid of that thank you for tuning in to another episode of the guns of tonight's show we're going to talk about that biden trump thing in a minute but first i wanted to talk to you about starting your own podcast i get this question a lot what should i do alex uh what are the some of the steps that i need to do how do i start and my best suggestion to you is to check out buzzsprout buzzsprout is one of the best hosting websites out there i personally use buzzsprout and they've been great it's uh the easiest way to manage your podcast from start to finish they keep your episodes on the their website as long as possible they get you uh they get your podcast submitted to apple music spotify iheartradio all the big podcast apps they get it done two weeks or less guaranteed uh spotify was number one for me that was like day one on spotify uh some of those places like apple podcasts or iheartradio they take a little bit longer but you can get it all in two weeks there's like 15 14 16 different uh podcast websites you can get it your podcast posted on all your episodes will stay there permanently you don't have to worry about that buzz sprout is definitely one of the best places to go in search of starting your own podcast i suggest you check out the link below in the comments in the show notes to go ahead and start your very own podcast also as a lot of you know times have been tough especially this past year has been crazy and when it comes to things like financials a lot of people especially younger people around my age don't really know what to do or just don't have the insight that a lot of the older generation does when it comes to finances and especially when it comes to investing a lot of people don't know where to start what to do so i suggest checking out acorn acorn is one of the leading apps in starting your own and starting investing at an early age it's great for beginners people that don't really know what's going on i started using acorns a while back and it has helped me put some money aside invested and it has allowed me to get into you know investing further at a higher level and uh but i suggest checking out acorn there's going to be a link in the show notes in the comments in the description below wherever you're watching or listening from you'll be able to find it again so check that link in the show notes below and you can get started yeah and if you use that link also you get five dollars right away so i suggest using that and you can get started right away with acorn but anyway let's get into it what happened on monday december 14th between joe biden and donald trump what is the electoral college what does this mean is the election certified we're going to deal with that right now

so a lot of people have heard the craziness that's been happening between the election is it over uh why is trump saying that there's fraud going on what's the issue with you know this electoral college thing and i don't blame you for not if you don't know what the electoral college vote is i don't blame you because usually it's not covered during elections it's the way it used to be as far as the mainstream media goes is election day we knew who the president was going to be you know that was it it was like we basically elect the president and then wait till january 20th when he's inaugurated but this electoral college is part of the process to finalize who the president is going to be and in this particular election it's been something that's never been seen before to an extent there are some things that have happened in the past uh that relate to this election but obviously most of it's new to us and there's a lot of crazy stuff going on so we're gonna break it down but basically what the electoral college vote is is basically the electors in each state they are nominated to go and certify the votes of that state so for example uh michigan has or pennsylvania pennsylvania for example pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes uh the electoral votes are usually based on population of a state so 20 citizens of that state pennsylvania will be nominated to go and officially cast a vote for the candidate and typically that vote is casted based on who won the state in the election so for instance biden one uh pennsylvania uh a week after election night uh they basically the mainstream media is saying that he won pennsylvania and what happens now is the electors in pennsylvania go and basically cast their vote for biden because that's what the majority of the state wanted or so they say but the point is they cast their votes they don't have to follow what the state voted for though that's the thing there is such thing as unfaithful electors so basically what that means is let's say i'm an elector of florida and florida goes red votes for trump i can choose to go in and uh switch my vote for biden but that usually doesn't happen usually you know the electors stay with what the state voted i know that in 2016 i think uh two electors switched from trump to uh who do you running hillary i had a blank for a minute there so two vote two of the electors switched from trump to hillary obviously didn't affect him he went from he actually had 306 went to three or four and uh this election as far as i've seen unless they're covering it up there were no unfaithful electors but some other crazy stuff happened something that was kind of unprecedented we'll get into that that's basically what this is so i'll go ahead and get rid of that there

but so basically december 14th the electors got together they casted their votes to certify the 306 electoral votes for biden and the uh electoral votes for trump so a lot of people are saying that's it it's over and it's certified right but not really because also on january 6 is when congress votes to certify the election results that's like the final step to certifying who the president's going to be so there's election day then the day that electoral college votes and then there's the day we get certified by congress in the senate so on monday there was a total of i wanna say six states including nevada georgia pennsylvania uh arizona

uh what is it i michigan technically they did figure it out long story short they figured out how to do it but what happened was those states were supposed to vote for biden which there's a set of electors that casted their votes for biden so michigan for example has 16. the electors casted their votes for biden and then there was another set of electors the gop electors that decided to cast their 16 votes for trump and this happened in each of those states each six of those states same thing with georgia uh what is it uh georgia nevada pennsylvania all those states that were the battleground states that are being contested what this means is there's two slates now of equal votes like michigan 16 and 16. one of those slates goes to buying one of those goes to trump and of course the mainstream media and the the way it works is officially it looks like it's going it 100 goes to biden but what happens when we go to congress a congress person only takes one can object to the results and say hey this state michigan for example uh this state is contested and we have to fix it because in a contested election you know there's two different slates uh so what do we do about it so the congress and the senate will have to decide on which slate of votes is going to be chosen and it gets certified in the house and the senate so the senate right now uh let's say it's a 50 50 split mike pence would still be the deciding factor because he's president of the senate and so congress will vote on it and whether they and they will either vote for the republican slate or the democrat slate and then it goes to the senate and basically mike pence has to you know he has the final decision on that so they pick either you know the republican slate or the democrat slate so these contested states basically puts biden under 270. obviously trump's still under 270. but basically congress the senate will be able to choose which slate goes to which party and that can actually um overturned the results that we believe were official well that some people believe are official what the mainstream media is telling you and also what this also does is having the contested state also allows the trump team's legal cases to continue so he has more time to provide more evidence and prove that the election was fraudulent so the december 8th deadline that's out the window he now has extra time to prove that the election was fraudulent so i guess really until uh you know congress and senate vote on january 6th so that's the deal with that that's what people have been talking about recently and

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all right in other news nothing that's it that's really it no one's talking about anything else besides covid the election

kovid let's talk about coven last we talked i gave my opinions on what exactly i thought about covet this was in the live stream we also talked in thanksgiving but besides that there has been kind of some updates oh the vaccine obviously uh has been officially released in certain parts of the united states they have people getting the uh getting the vaccine right now being the the first people to test it out basically and show that it's okay to take i don't know about you but no matter what it is i don't feel like being the first person or one of the first people excuse me wow one of the first people to uh take the vaccine any vaccine really um if you want to do that good for you but me personally i think i would wait it out and see what the results were you know make sure there's no bad side effects uh anything like that doesn't again doesn't matter what virus it is and what vaccine it is i think that's just a smart thing to do and of course there's a lot of theories about this vaccine and i'm not sure i'm going to take it yet i think there's going to be a lot of information to come out i've already started hearing some theories on it i don't feel like discussing that right now because again not a lot is known about it a lot of its theories there is some stuff that has been disclosed and is official but i think that may be a good topic for another time but what i did want to talk about is the rise in cases in certain states but these states may surprise you states like new york and california especially in new york city and they're talking about enacting more bans and more regulations in the city of new york and restaurant owners are not happy they've closed not only indoor dining but outdoor dining as well so restaurant owners are trying to figure out new ways to get around that and i think today uh tuesday was a tuesday the 15th uh there's been you know they started to have rallies of restaurant owners coming together in states like new york basically saying you know we're not going to follow these guidelines that the government is trying to implement because it's killing us and you know we have families to feed you guys aren't losing your paychecks and we can't afford to close down for you know four to six months let alone one month and you know the we don't care if you're gonna try and come and find us or shut us down we are going to come together and basically say enough is enough we're all going to reopen i mean at least most of them will and the people are just tired of it i was watching yesterday there's this guy who has a restaurant in uh new york city and what he did was since outdoor dining was banned he kind of he basically got these like those sheds those big sheds that you buy at you know like a lowe's or home depot um made it look nice and put a table in there for one party one family because the rule is you know just you have to stay inside with your family so he kind of made it like okay it's a closed area that you can go to uh with no one else it's literally just you your family friends whatever and he's doing that and you know that's basically you think the the the the things that people are trying to do right now is just get around those uh regulations that the governor and the mayor have been implementing there and it might cost a little more right now but they just they need the money you know they can't afford to stay closed down for another four six months again like i said not even a month and then states like florida right now i'll tell you what we're doing good okay or like i said before orange county uh orange county florida most cases highest regulation solo county we're doing good uh everywhere that i go to on a regular basis is open restaurants bars uh publix the grocery store i mean obviously they stayed open the whole time but everything's become more lacks here no one's freaking out about masks and social distancing everyone's open and pretending or i mean really life is going back to normal is what i'm trying to say and uh some places do temp checks some people places you know still require mass but we're able to go out and you know live our normal lives small business owners are able to make money and provide for their families so that's all we care about really is like we said in the beginning like the president said in the beginning the lockdowns can't be worse than the virus itself and we're seeing that a lot of states lockdowns are worse than the virus suicide rates at an all-time high and drug abuse at an all-time high alcoholism at an all-time high directly as a result of quarantining and lockdowns locking people in their homes telling them they can't leave they can't go out they can't work and make money for their families so obviously more people are dying not even from the virus but just from the second-hand results of being locked down and all that and two we're in as of november this year overall deaths not coveted deaths overall deaths nationwide we're at 2.5 million and last year 2019 we were at 2.9 by the end of december so the notion that kovid has like increased our national death rate that there's so many people dying it doesn't make sense and then two you want to talk about what about the flu this is flu season right now i haven't heard anything about the flu i haven't seen any stats on the flu so you could imagine that according to what they're saying by the end of december we should be like 3.2 million deaths or higher and i don't think that's going to happen unless you know another uh was it was a 3.2 so i mean another

400 000 people would have to die from now until the end of uh you know december 2020. pray to god that doesn't happen i don't see that happening i see us staying under the 2.9 mark um and i think that really life should just go back to normal i'm worried that you know what i was worried about is that if biden was to get elected that again he would continue the lockdowns and the harsh regulations and make life miserable for the nation the economy tank all that stuff that's why people have been pushing for president trump and even now when a lot of people are saying it's it's over it's done uh you know pushing the notion that all the cases that trump team submitted were thrown out which isn't true but regardless people don't want to lose hope and they they know that no matter who is in office preferably one guy over the other we want things to be better for everyone and that starts with fixing the economy making sure we're living back you know living our normal lives making money supporting our families our you know not killing ourselves because we've been locked in our house for months and months and months and really that's all i have for you right now i hope that another reason i hope things go back to normal is because i want to hear other news i don't want to keep hearing about kovit i don't want to keep hearing about the election let's move on from it um race relations like okay that it's like the the main three things let's just talk about something else please so i'm like desperately researching into other stuff to talk about and again

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