The Gonzo Tonight Show

#48 - The Great Reset (Election Update No. 3)

November 18, 2020 Alexander J. Gonzalez
The Gonzo Tonight Show
#48 - The Great Reset (Election Update No. 3)
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THE GREAT RESET! What is it? Why is it trending? Gonzo gives you the rundown of the next globalist agenda.

ALSO, Election Update No. 3 in the second half of the episode, make sure you stay tuned for that.

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okay most of you i can imagine are like what the heck is this what is the great reset what is this guy talking about and basically it is kind of like the build back better uh slogan you may have seen that i don't know if you look into this at all but you may notice that when biden is giving his speeches there might be on his podium something that says build back better and people notice that this slogan is also used by many other world leaders around the world specifically members of the un uh big players in the um so build back better is kind of the globalist movements idea of trying to push you know unity uh one world government and they have been using the uh they've been hiding under the blanket of climate change they've been trying to use climate change to instill fear in the people that if we don't get this solid right now we're all going to die and that they're using climate change in order to basically start the very first world government so it's not separate countries anymore they want a one world government this is what the globalists want and the great reset it's got viral because justin trudeau the uh a canadian prime minister he did a video mentioning the great reset saying that covid coven 19 and this pandemic has given us an opportunity for the great reset to revamp capitalism which basically means uh socialism he said they want to revamp camp revamp capitalism they're saying capitalism is unfair and that we need to make sure we control outcomes and we make sure that everyone has an equal outcome when it comes to finances they want to make it more fair and so they want to revamp capitalism which basically means socialism or democratic socialism if they want to call it we all know that is the gateway to communism basically is communism it's just hiding under a different name and so they're claiming that covid and the pandemic but covet itself is going to have long lasting effects on the entire world and that we need to take advantage of this opportunity in order to revamp capitalism we need to also prevent pandemics like this from happening once again and they're using all this to basically promote their world government the has been trying to do this for a long time the globalists their main goal is basically world domination world control one government not separate countries they don't want the us to be you know the best country in the world they don't want russia or whatever one government where all these people at the top are in control of everything that goes on and this stuff is all going on behind the scenes there's a lot that's been going on that we don't see the leaders like um i wouldn't call them leaders but uh higher-ups like of course barack obama joe biden uh here in america hillary clinton justin trudeau from canada uh megan merkel from germany all these uh big u.n players these big u.n faces so to say they want to be in control of everything not just their own country but they want to be in control and they've been trying to find a reason to get everyone united under this one world government idea the only problem is and this is why it was so crucial to get joe biden elected this was at least part of the reason and the problem is that especially right now americans are very much divided on issues like this we have you know republican and democrat left and right and generally speaking the right is opposed to a world government they're not about it they take pride in their country they take pride in their country being the best but of course they don't want one group of people one small group of people dictating what happens around the world they are very much people who believe you know each state for instance in the united states each state should be able to govern their own people and that we shouldn't have you know uh the federal government telling each state what to do so imagine of course a world government coming in and telling you what to do they're not about that the left is more accepting of this idea of world government they want to be able to uh you know save the whole world and they want to be able to end every pandemic and save and end poverty and all this stuff which is great stuff don't get me wrong but it's great intentions coming from people on the left but the leaders and the higher ups that are in charge of this whole thing don't have our best interests they don't and i want to do more episodes talking about the globalist agenda agenda 31 and a bunch of stuff like that we're going to get into later i'm gonna have some guests on helping me explain all this stuff it's a bunch of crazy stuff but this is the great reset that has been trending you can go look into it there's gonna be more information on the great reset agenda 31 all this stuff stuff that you could find in documents if you uh use you know a search browser that's not google because google likes to block a bunch of stuff and make sure you don't find certain things but we have found ways to dig deeper and find documents that are uh more incriminating of these world leaders so anyway that's what's about great reset we want to revamp capitalism make sure that we equate outcomes uh financially we want to be able to form a new world government this is all said in the documents uh slash great dash reset is where you can find this you can find more um stuff about it uh you know if you search on uh what is it i forget what the browser is called uh duckduckgo or something like that um there's a lot of browsers you can use that don't block certain things but uh great dash reset that's like the actual website so it says revamp capitalism new world government all on there they're not hiding and um that's so that's that's what the whole great reset thing is we'll talk more about agenda 21 agenda 21 or gender 31 i think it's agenda 21 uh which is basically about another globalist uh agenda where they refer to humans as human resources so that's going to be a fun episode that we'll have here soon now that's out of the way i do want to talk about uh what's going on in the longest election in history not yet al gore versus bush was still longer uh so far but what's going on right now there's been more and more evidence of voter fraud coming out every day and uh one of trump's lawyers uh cindy powell has been on it she's been on tv every day talking about what's going on as well as his uh uh what's her name mckinney uh his uh white house press secretary on it but another thing that was trending was uh a quote by uh trump's lawyer sydney powell and she hinted at something that's coming out something that she wants to release so i guess the quote she says that she's going to release the kraken that's like a big thing release the kraken um unleash the kraken and people were like what is she talking about what's going on and um she started sharing new evidence every day like i said slowly but surely evidence of voter discrepancies and the kraken that she's referring to when she says release the kraken we looked into this and basically the kraken is a name of a software that is used a very high tech powerful software that people tied to the trump team were able to use in order to track and collect data on these people who were participating in voter fraud these officials are participating in voter fraud switching votes from trump to buying is now proven almost 3 million so far 3 million votes were switched from trump to biden using the dominion voting machines so


kraken they use it the high tech software to track and collect data on who is committing voter fraud uh they're saying this thing is so powerful that when they use it it will briefly you know shut down google briefly youtube something like that it's very very powerful software and um she's been getting on tv and you know fox news whatever saying yeah i can't wait to expose these guys i can't wait to expose every single person that has been involved in voter fraud in this election we're gonna expose every single one of them she keeps saying it slowly but surely they're releasing more data they've got over 240 sworn affidavits now of people who under the penalty of perjury are claiming that they have witnessed some sort of voter discrepancy voter fraud happening this is in one county in michigan over 240 sworn affidavits had a penalty of perjury in one county these people claim i saw people um you know switching literally switching the votes from uh donald trump's joe biden or people were were filling in ballots as they were being counted or uh someone said that their son who had died years ago voted in this election a bunch of stuff going on there's that these dominion machines the dominion voting machines domain as a company they were used in a good majority of the states in the election including these swing states that are taking their sweet time to count the votes in uh these states where biden's lead jumped up all of a sudden but the dominion voting machines are the same machines used in foreign elections like in venezuela when chavez was elected and uh maduro same thing when president maduro of venezuela got elected


the other guy whoever was running against him he was winning and then around 3 a.m after everyone went to bed the power went out and then when it came back on two minutes later maduro was winning uh they said that this is the same thing maduro chavez rigged elections all using these dominion voting machines and these machines are used in other countries around the world that are um you know marxist countries uh communist countries uh basically dictatorships in a way where they can rig elections and choose which party gets elected and this is how they've been able to take over venezuela and turn it into a you know a total communist regime because people you know when chavez was elected the first time it's like okay maybe it's not that bad and then it gets worse and worse you think they're gonna vote for this guy again and then vote for maduro afterwards no so if democracy was actually you know a thing in venezuela uh chavez would not have served a second term maduro would not be in office currently and um so these dominion machines literally we have people coming out that worked for the company that are executives or different positions in the company saying this machine is built with a switch on the side you can literally flip the switch and the votes coming in will go to a different candidate not making this up but they're coming out saying it was designed for this purpose it was designed to switch votes it's designed to manipulate elections these machines can based on the history of voting can predict what county like this county specifically is going to go red and it shows all the counties that are going to go red so you can manage where the votes are going to go so we need this county this county these are heavy populated counties so we can switch these votes to go towards biden so he has an overwhelming majority in this county flip the states like georgia pennsylvania trump had a clear win and all of a sudden overnight biden caught up and people argue mail in ballots but it's not the case there's more and more evidence coming out three million votes being switched from donald trump to joe biden total so far and trump's already at 72 million votes total let's put him at 75 million and bring biden back down so


we're still in the waiting game we're waiting to see what happens in the coming days in the coming weeks and because people are saying look it's all great but there's no way that you can completely overturn the election sydney powell believes that she's beliefful hardly we're fixing to overturn the election is what she says and that may be the case that may not be the case i think they can do it personally um for instance they found uh in georgia recently in one county about 3 000 votes that someone forgot to put into the machine it was on a um a flash drive so to say they're supposed to put it into the machine and they never did that


once they put these votes in it gave trump uh a plus 800 net in winning in that county so um but let's say that doesn't happen let's say that he doesn't overturn the election results when it comes to the electoral college and the votes and all that


there are there is a way there's many ways for trump to claim his second term this has happened twice now


so there's all these court cases going on right now pennsylvania uh arizona georgia michigan wisconsin all these recounts going on and the deadline to sort everything out is december 8th and by december 8th if this isn't sorted out meaning if there is no clear concise winner of the 2020 election that means that the electors cannot cast their vote on december 14th and what does that mean that means that it has to go to congress on january 6th after the new congress is sworn in january 3rd so let's say he stays in court he's still in court by the by the eighth uh there's no clear winner he's contested all these states it's like there's so much fraud going on he's proven that there's millions of votes that are fraudulent and that there's no clear winner they can't vote on the 14th it goes to congress but this is all according to the 12th amendment too in the constitution and according to that amendment when they go and vote in congress it's not the uh 400 and some congressmen that vote each state gets one vote and that vote is based on the state's majority so if a state is majority uh republican then that state is one republican vote it automatically goes to the republican candidate vice versa a democratic stronghold so say california's majority democrat meaning elected officials congress people that vote automatically goes to biden and right now currently i believe it's republicans are 30 and democrats are 20 when it comes to states and the majorities so as of now it should automatically be 30 for trump 20 for biden and that would mean that he's by uh trump excuse me trump secures his second term and this isn't far-fetched again it's happened twice so there's a lot of misinformation going on right now regarding this election cnn fox all the mainstream media is trying to censor what's going on when it comes to voter fraud absolutely censoring it twitter big tech censoring everything and it just it's got to make you at least wonder what's going on what's really going on and when you look into it and you see all the voter discrepancies the hundreds of people coming forward saying they've witnessed voter fraud all this stuff you start to realize that trump may have a very good case here and there's people i i know some of you are thinking oh they're throwing trump's court cases out and that's actually not true those cases that they're throwing out those were individual cases coming from people other people claiming that they saw voter fraud so it's cases in trump's favor but it's not necessarily his court cases the ones that he filed and so all his cases like in pennsylvania for example they're all still going none of them have been thrown out uh despite what the news is telling you and he's using the same arguments that the bush team used in al versus gore and so if in florida it would be like automatic automatic agreeing with him automatic uh he would win that case so that's a precedent so he's arguing this in pennsylvania and other states and hasn't gotten thrown out yet obviously very this trump's got best lawyers hundreds of good lawyers they know what's going on they know how to at least at the very least keep this going until the eighth the deadline so people don't give him enough credit really and basically what i'm trying to say is that no matter what happens he has a very good chance of securing a second term he has multiple ways that he can do it he has multiple safeguards and it's actually more likely that he gains his second term if he continues on this path as opposed to uh biden winning the presidency legitimately so that's kind of an update of the craziness that's been going on in the election a lot of unpacked and really it's still the waiting game seeing what happens because every day new stuff comes out and it's one side telling you this one side telling you another thing i understand that so there's going to be a clearer picture soon we just have to wait for it and we're you know looking just less than a month away from that deadline december 8th december 14th when they cast their vote the electors cast their votes so that's just a little update for you i want to thank you for tuning in to another episode of the gonzo tonight's show we'll be sure to keep you updated on the election as things uh come in and more evidence comes in more updates and whatnot and then of course we're gonna get more into current events as they come in you know as they happen i guess uh a lot of crazy stuff should be happening soon the election is obviously one of the biggest things covets kind of coming back now lockdowns and such we'll be talking more about that but thanks again for tuning in be sure to check out the merch at grounds and tonight and uh feel free to uh support the show at buy me at gonzo we really appreciate all the support you've given us over the past year and i hope you guys have a good one thanks for tuning in see you next time