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#47 - 2020 Election Update No. 2

November 09, 2020 Alexander J. Gonzalez
The Gonzo Tonight Show
#47 - 2020 Election Update No. 2
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The second edition in our election update series. This time, we are joined by Tony Delpalazzo to discuss what's going on in Pennsylvania specifically, as well as voter fraud nationwide. Afterwards, I take some time to give more specific examples of voter fraud happening all across the nation.

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oh geez is it over oh man

all right what happened is it over who won one huh how i thought that trump was gonna win he was gonna win all those swing

at early states in the morning so the trump team is now accusing them of cheating the democrats cheating i would never guess that yes i guess we'll see what happens then okay so we gotta wait some more okay well you know what the good news is at least we're waiting together thank you for tuning in to another episode of The Gonzo Tonight Show and uh i want to talk about The Gonzo Tonight store merch as always the shirts the mugs great stuff the giveaway is still on until the 14th so you have some time donate five dollars to and you can get a chance to win your very own shirt for free for five dollars i guess whatever you donate and uh if you want to go ahead and outright buy some merch go ahead and head on over to stores slash gonzo tonight link right here and uh rest in peace to alex trebek he was the host of jeopardy uh many of you probably know him and um he died sunday morning he passed away from pancreatic cancer that he's been dealing with for a while now so it's very sad to hear about that but anyway uh today we're giving another election update we're going to be talking about uh the voter fraud scandal uh what's happened over the past couple days since we last spoke uh what's probably going to happen in the future we're going to talk about uh what or who decides the election is it the media i don't know we'll find out but before all that i'm gonna be having a guest call on the show uh it's a good friend of mine from pennsylvania one of the great swing states and uh we're gonna talk about what's been happening over there more specifically and uh without further ado let's just go ahead and get right into it

all right guys so we're gonna be joined here by a friend of mine from pittsburgh pennsylvania senior nuclear engineering major and he is going to be in the naval academy here soon he's going to charleston to study to become eventually a naval officer please welcome my friend tony excuse me if i butchered this name i always forget how to pronounce it double lasso yeah that was good perfect all right so how you doing man i'm doing real well it's uh nice weather you know everything's good it's been pretty nice down here too and um sorry i'm getting reverb on my end so it's going to be a little confusing but real quick let me pull up the questions here we go so uh and you're a big cigar guy i forgot to mention there yeah huge cigar guy big uh aficionado of course i i would say i am myself too what's um one of your favorite cigars favorite cigar uh i actually have a specifically a favorite um is the davidoff late hour uh triple churchill eight hour um great flavor profile very nice and oaky i kind of like that a lot it's not my typical blend i like nicaraguan to tobacco mostly because of spice to it but it's not a nicaraguan cigar um but it's my favorite because of when i smoke it is usually for the marine corps birthday ball our world marine corps and navy birthday ball um so that's why it's one of my favorite has a lot of memories to it yeah i used to um actually that used to be one of my favorite cigars as well yeah um i don't know about you but over here in orlando uh a lot of the davidoffs that we're getting they aren't tasting or smoking as good as usual so i've been kind of taking a break from them but um i would say that a good go-to for me is the padron 1926. oh it's a fantastic one yeah the 1926 is great do you like the moderator or the natural uh maduro for sure maduro i like the undergrowth too oh yeah and then um preferred size uh what would you say if you're smoking the uh the churchill or the robusto no it's uh well the the the winston churchill the late hour that i smoke is usually i think it's a little bit bigger than a toro but i'm a size queen i like big cigars so i like uh like an eight by eighty or seven by seventy for people yeah for the people who don't know gauges 70s like or 80s like this thick it's pretty it's pretty pretty thick and i like a long smoke too so right but to put in perspective most cigars you'll see it's like a 50 ring gauge is like average i'd say so 80 is a lot bigger yeah uh me personally i like uh going on the smaller end uh not necessarily length like i like a good church show um but i like the rain gauge of about 48 or so like that that's pretty good oh yeah yeah 100 like like a robusto toros they both have like around 48 to 54. so yeah davidoff's still a really good brand though i definitely recommend it to people who um have a little more money and want to start smoking cigars i think it's a safe brand to go to it's uh i call it the nike of cigars it's like that that's that's your pinnacle you know right padron's on the heavier side so that's probably the only complication you'd run into if you just started smoking but yeah other than that it's really good and um we're gonna talk about the election uh what's been going on it's been quite a mess obviously as you know it's been dominating the news cycle you know so that's why we're going to talk about it going to be one of the most controversial elections of in history american history for sure yeah absolutely it's definitely our lifetime and pro and most likely in history i agree and um leading up to the election i wanted to talk about what you've been seeing in pittsburgh specifically regarding each candidate um are you seeing or were you seeing more trump support or buy and support it was a little bit of a mix so uh most of my time during the election has been actually spent up at state college in um in pa so like center county area uh for because i'm at penn state so i i haven't really been in pittsburgh but when i was there this summer you know we were seeing ads we were seeing like on the television um you would see signs and stuff like that but pittsburgh and allegheny county is a very large democratic stronghold um you know we saw that during the election uh it's really pittsburgh philadelphia and even center county as well because all the college students here so i saw a lot of uh i saw a lot of biden support um all across like you know pittsburgh and state college but i think that north hills area in pittsburgh where i'm actually from the north hills uh that was a more i think it's a it's a heavier trampoline area but you gotta worry about the south hills which is where all the uh all the biden supporters are at typically okay so i'm guessing the north area is more of a you know rural area more it's it's suburban but it's um it's higher i i would say it's you know you talk about tax brackets that's a it's a higher tax bracket higher income area okay okay the south hills is where you know you talk about aliquippa um you talk about i mean anywhere on the on the south side of pittsburgh is it's kind of like not the not the the hood but it's it's definitely a higher demographic of african americans and other uh minorities okay and regardless of who you support before the election who did you think was going to win so personally um my support is what was president trump um i'm pretty sure i voted republican down the ballot uh just as my conservative viewpoints and stuff like that but i thought that trump was looking really solid you know i watched the first debate the vp debate and the second debate and after the second debate i thought you know trump had a very good um standing in in terms of in my opinion of the election he had a lot of good points that he brought up and he really conducted himself well uh in addition to that you know we see at the very tail end of you know we're getting four or five days close to the election and he's thrown four or three to five rallies a day in different states i thought that that showed a lot of his stamina and that you know the covet issue that he had where he tested positive um didn't really affect him he kept uh going to rallies kept bringing a lot of people in and with biden it's not that i don't he was i don't think he has the stamina that trump has you know he's a little older um didn't really host many rallies and if he did they were very close to his home city or our home state i should say um didn't really go anywhere else he went to i know he went to pittsburgh or not pittsburgh but he went to pennsylvania i think he went down to ohio once but he didn't really go anywhere outside of you know the states that were really close to delaware so i just thought that he had a and you know in terms of media he the presence of trump was i think felt higher no you're absolutely right i mean i think the sunday or monday before the election trump went to a total of five different states yep uh north carolina was one of them florida georgia so five different states and of course every day he was holding at least three rallies yeah easily and uh you look at the crowds he's pulling in i think in sanford florida which is you know the closest city uh where i live um it was at least 30 40 000 people there at that small airport and that was basically a regular thing so me too uh when it comes to who i thought won the election i mean regardless of who i liked personally i thought that he had a very good chance of winning i still believe that we're gonna get into the voter fraud thing but i believe that he actually won this election if you look at all the legal ballots yeah and um i wanted to talk to you about that when you hear president trump and his team talk about the potential voter fraud that's happening in this election what are your initial thoughts on that topic yeah so when it first came out we knew like coming into this election that mail-in ballots you know are gonna be a higher risk of a possibility for voter fraud um i i don't remember who stated it but it was it was cited as one of the most uh vulnerable in terms of being able to uh become voter fraud is through mailing ballots if you think about it like you're gonna get like we see in nevada you're gonna get people who aren't in nevada voting in nevada right you're gonna see people who are voting in pa who aren't from pa um and it and initially when the when the voter fraud came out i wasn't surprised that it came up and and you know we trump's team and campaign were asking for recounts for uh looking at the um what they call them inaccuracies i guess in in you know different counties and stuff like that a lot of the battleground state counties um but initially it was kind of like okay i wasn't 100 on board because while you know you can make those those claims there wasn't a lot of evidence you know but since then it has changed there's a lot of evidence that was brought forward uh to show that voter fraud was a real thing um so i guess for me personally i uh i believe that my influence on this election had ended once i had cast my ballot uh and then ever ever since then i've been kind of just sitting back waiting trying to trying to keep up with everything but i don't want to lose sleep over something that isn't going to be decided until you know we're eating mashed potatoes on thanksgiving of course yeah i mean even probably after that unfortunately yeah like you said uh all we can do really is cast our vote we can show our support verbally uh go to rallies do whatever it is but when it comes to stuff like this uh when it gets into the legal side of it of course all we're gonna do is uh sit and wait and it's above our pay grades you know what i mean like either exactly hope for the best and just hope that everything works out in the end and um yeah like like you said uh initially there weren't many uh there wasn't much evidence supporting these claims as we saw of course trump had been talking about it for months before saying that they're going to rig this election uh there were a few videos coming out before examples of people trying to commit voter fraud in certain ways but like you said every day that passes more and more evidence is coming out so i think it's very clear that there is some level of voter fraud that happened in this election oh i agree yeah we again like i said we just kind of got to sit back wait see what happens um one of the biggest things that uh you know that kind of dominated my what news i listen to is uh is you know obviously the battleground states uh having a lot of issues and especially like you know when when three states wisconsin michigan and pennsylvania at four am on election day because i i stayed up till 6 a.m that day watching everything um they said hey we're going to stop but we're in stop counting they all stop counting around 10 uh ballots uh counted right so like and at that point you have trump who's leading wisconsin michigan and pa and yeah philadelphia stop you have milwaukee stop and then you had um detroit right that area and they all stopped and at that point you know most most new stations were like hey we're gonna reconvene at 9am um so you know we're not with everything stopped we're not counting ballots and then you we you know one of the biggest things at five a.m you see that jump right right uh and i know that there's been a lot of discussion about that jump i i know that some people were like oh it was corrected it was something that occurred somebody it was like a zero was added to something and and that changed it but they they kind of flipped it back either way you see that that that there's your issue right there right like just does it happen then it's an issue and that's why you got to go and look at everything and look back at what ballots were counted how they counted and uh kind of like a recount almost like a complete audit i would say of all the battleground states and a lot of the other in fact most states i think should have an audit on this election and go through and count all the ballots again 100 i mean when you look at uh even one example of voter fraud happening and like you said the first weird thing that caught our eye was when biden votes in both michigan and wisconsin had that jump around four five or six a.m and you're looking at that like okay what's going on and then every day after that we're having uh new things come out and michigan the clerk came forward saying that there was a glitch that took 6 000 uh votes for trump and gave it to biden so if we're seeing stuff like that there definitely needs to be some looking into and i think that if uh biden supporters are so confident that he won legally i don't see what the big deal is about i'm looking into it no i agree but it's what we see it's what we see you know from either side of my opinion uh politics is a tricky tricky thing uh i'm i'm trying i'm looking to get into it after i finish my career in the navy um but it's definitely it's not for the faint of heart because you have a lot of stuff that's behind the curtains like a lot of stuff going on and for the american people we want transparency right that's our whole thing and to have transparency that means we we want to know if the votes that were were counted were they legal uh votes or are we looking at something where there are people who are deceased because that came out there's a lot of individuals in michigan wisconsin pa nevada a lot of battleground states have guys who died in 1984 or earlier you know many people were above the age of 100 and that statistically speaking is like one like one out of the like what is it the odds like one over twenty thousand something to live past a hundred and you have you know any number of people over 100 that's something to look into so there's a lot of there's a lot of inaccuracies in in the in the vote uh for this election so again there needs to be an audit there needs to be a recount exactly like you said people on both sides should be wanting the truth i think it's uh i was thinking it's like comparing it to a football game or something you have one team that uh you know let's say they uh deflate footballs and they're gonna deny it all the way we're not gonna say the team but it rhymes with uh matrix we're not you know that team's not going to go ahead and be like oh yeah okay we we did it you know or let's look into it whatever i mean eventually if you give them enough pressure on them they will but of course if you're the team that's cheating you're not going to come forward and just be like yeah let's go ahead and do a full audit uh if you're the team that has been cheated of course you're going to want to look fully into this and that's kind of to what we saw in 2016 when trump got elected immediately they started the whole russia scandal yeah russia rigged the election all this and that and now that their candidate got elected they're saying it's practically impossible for our election to be compromised so i think it's a lot of hypocrisy um awesome on both sides but of course in this instance we're seeing hypocrisy from the left as usual the other thing is it's not out of uh biden's play it's not not well it's not not out of his playbook like when he went for presidency i think way back when he had to remove himself from the race and for the race for the nomination because he had uh lied about his college uh experience and he lied about that so it's not and i mean that's the thing politicians aren't they're all liars right like like there's not a lot of them are gonna stretch the truth or or not tell us the whole truth and that's why again from an american citizen point of view is we want just the truth right and that's what we're looking for and that's why it's required to look into elections and ensure that that votes are counted legally of course the saying goes you know you can't find an honest politician all of a sudden we have people believing the politicians on the left that this election was not rigged and of course the worst part of it is that the media now is so corrupt that yeah we don't know what's true and then you turn on any cable news station and they're saying one thing and some people think it's true and some people have evidence to point that it's not true so it's just it's a real shame that um our republic has gotten to this point and i do believe that if trump can pull this off and expose this voter fraud hopefully that we find there is uh we can go ahead and you know prevent uh something greater from happening in the future yeah and you know if if uh if brian if they count every vote legally all the votes are legal everything we figured out invited to the winner so be he's my boss for the next four years anyway uh and maybe four years after that but what matters to me is it's got to be it's gotta be fair right like i don't want to see the the if the evidence is not clear that it was completely legal then i i don't i don't like that you know what i mean as american citizen 100 no matter what the results are as long as it's fair uh we as americans like we have for forever uh we have will go ahead and concede and allow the winner to take office and of course you know hopefully do his job so yeah it doesn't matter what side as long as it's an honest election of course i agree with you on that and that's the thing with uh with biden i think that you know a lot of people if biden does one i don't think the right is going to say the people on you know right laners are going to say well i hope he fails right and then back in 2016 when when trump won it was oh i hope he fails i'm like you don't hope that your pilot is drunk or or falls asleep while he's flying your plane you hope that that pilot whoever it is is successful because he's going to be the leader of our nation for that whoever it is he or she can be later for the next four years and and guess what you're still an american citizen and we're not we're not going to leave we're not going to threaten to go to canada because canada is not the best um we are we are americans and we we love america and we want to stay here and uh we just want fair and free elections transparency uh top down we want representatives who represent us and it's it's definitely something that we need to look into because the minute that our elections aren't free and fair then our votes really don't matter and who's in power really doesn't matter and they're just gonna they're just gonna pick and choose but the fact that we're a a republican and we vote for representatives that we vote for who we want to be the the leader of our nation if it doesn't if it's not like that if we're if we're allowing voter fraud to occur then it might as well be a dictatorship 100 i agree with that completely listen tony thank you for coming on i'm uh glad that you came on and shared your piece uh and we'll probably have you sometime uh back in the future man but i wish you the best of luck with that hopefully if i uh come down to florida i'll we'll do something where we can smoke cigars there absolutely love brother i love you listen take care man we'll see you soon have a good one okay that was the first uh zoom meeting that i had coming in here so everything's a little hectic right now um i basically used tony here as the guinea pig and so hopefully that turned out great or at least subpar but anyway uh again tony thanks for coming on and being the first zoom caller uh to come on the show it's a lot easier having someone in person i can just you know have them sit right here and do whatever but uh you know you gotta gotta try new things and get things going so thank you guys i want to mention too thank you for uh sticking with us during that live stream thank you for tuning in to another episode of the gonzo tonight show as always thank you for all the support you've given me over the past year and it's been quite a journey it's been fun uh a lot of learning a lot of uh you know trial and error uh something like this you know uh where i've got i've got a phone over here i've got a mic over here i'm you know doing all these different things but you know we'll get the setup all running and perfected of course and we're going to go ahead and get into some more election fraud stuff here soon so be sure to stay tuned after the short


all right and we're back had to change into some real clothes now that i'm finally awake i hope let's see here tony mentioned before he uh got off the call there that uh he actually ordered his very own ganzo tonight shirt and he was hoping it would be there in time but i think i mean he ordered it like yesterday or the day before so um pre-tied schedule but we're gonna have it back on uh in the future and uh go ahead and uh just like tony go ahead and get your merch at stores slash gonzo tonight use the discount code youtube to get twenty percent off

and we're going to be talking a little bit more about what's going on in the election mess right now let's see here

looking at my notes here so i wanted to just give uh we're wrapping up this episode here i wanted to give some examples of evidence of voter fraud happening all across the nation in this 2020 election because a lot of people online uh are saying that they don't see any evidence so they haven't seen any evidence so of course if they're tuned into mainstream media you're not going to see it all of them denying that there is any fraudulent uh activities in the election including fox news they have not uh backed the president at all which i mean not saying they have to but all i'm saying is that people should be looking at what's going on and doing investigating investigating investigative journalism in the mainstream media is no more we have to look at smaller organizations who are actually doing the work on the ground and see what's going on and rely on videos sent in by witnesses and other people on the ground there but the first example here and i'll pull up uh part of the article is

four members of the toledo city council that's ohio all democrats have been arrested and charged with allegedly accepting brides in exchange for their votes number one number two video in philadelphia pennsylvania shows vote counters filling in ballots as they're being counted and there's many more examples of this happening all across the country there's videos of people having a negative reaction to a ballot and then crumpling it up and throwing it aside or uh something similar to that these are all videos you can find by the way you just have to do some digging you can't turn on the channel and then nope it's not there turn off uh nevada number three thousands of mail-in ballots received were ineligible lawyers for the trump team believed that at least six thousand votes were cast from people who have been moved out of the state uh before the election began uh these are not absentee ballots these are mail-in ballots there is a difference so they had moved from the state of nevada already and their votes are ineligible all across the state of nevada and uh update i've found some information from the cisa website that specifically states the watermarks on the ballots do exist this information comes directly from the cisa website stating that they do in fact use these special watermarks to authenticate ballots uh so i mean this part of it this is no longer a theory this is fact that they do and they do use these watermarks on certain ballots mail-in ballots specifically this is dated 7 31 2020. so this is before you know president trump and his team came out the scandal it's not like something that they changed here this is dated from uh 731 and uh so i mean this this so-called theory is now becoming more and more uh proven and i think um monday uh the ninth when uh the team trump begins uh action in the courts and takes it to the judge and the supreme court and whatnot i think we're gonna see a lot of stuff coming out a lot of stuff coming true things that he's claiming we're gonna see a lot of evidence coming out because i mean look this man just a couple days ago is sitting back playing golf while this is all going on he's like don't worry i'm not worried we're gonna take care of it whatever because i mean he's waiting basically wait passing time waiting till monday when this can all begin begin uh that's my personal take on it of course it's not you can think of it whatever you want uh hundreds of thousands of votes nationwide have been cast by people born as early as the 1800s

and some a lot of votes coming in from people who were born in the early 1900s or late 1800s and some states are saying that these votes were not accepted some states most states it's not proven and so we'll have to investigate that my guess is that most states did take some of these votes otherwise it went being reported probably one of the biggest scandals came out of michigan a county kirk a county clerk came forward saying that there was a glitch that took six thousand trump votes and gave them to biden i mentioned that earlier with tony this same company

is uh used in most other swing states including uh georgia nevada arizona 12 states in total use this same company so they're going to have to hand count each of these ballots in every county of these states 12 different states uh three of them were i think three or f four of them were swing states it depends on what you consider a swing state the media gave like half the swing half of the states in the united states were considered swing states so also videos show in many polling places across america that uh they were covering the windows so that poll watchers couldn't see what's going on in there uh citizens are trying to use binoculars and stuff to see inside the building but they're just doing whatever they can to block the vision

there's also been claims and videos that pool watchers are being denied access into the polls uh that's also happening around the country these are specifically happening in those key swing states that we were seeing at the end of election night where trump was ahead and all of a sudden biden was ahead so voter fraud is happening 100 it's happening to what level we're not sure yet but every day that passes it's more and more prevalent and the fact that there's a lot of left-leaning people out there who are now claiming that this election could not have been compromised that they the dems didn't do it all this and that after almost four years of crying complaining that president trump colluded with russia to rig the 2016 election four years of this this this all day long years and years of just accusations baseless claims actual baseless claims now we're seeing evidence of legitimate voter fraud happening all across the nation these people say it's practically impossible for our nation's elections to be infiltrated is hypocrisy at the highest level i always say they couldn't possibly outdo themselves speaking about the democrats they always find a way and it's really disturbing to see that there's people out there on both sides that don't take this seriously that the legitimacy of our great republic could be at stake because of something like this if we let this happen if we let voter fraud happen no matter which side is committing it we may never have a fair election again it's just that simple we can't we can no longer trust the system as it is our institutions our media people all across the nation have lost trust in all these things and it needs to be fixed no matter what side you're on you should agree that this needs to be fixed

and it should be and it should be a nonpartisan issue but it's not because of course if you're now if you're on the winning team uh and you cheated you're not gonna say anything if you're on the losing team and then you got cheated of course you're gonna say something so i mean they're not gonna admit it of course we have to go to the courts and trump is going to have to try and expose the voter fraud that's happening here because look whether he wins the election or not because of it at this point i care more about exposing the fraud and taking care of it now so that it doesn't happen in the future at this point like if biden won legitimately okay i don't care at this point i mean he's not gonna be president for long anyway we all know this it's probably going to be harris or something like that but at the end of the day this needs to be handled right now or down the line it's going to get much worse and there will never be anything legitimate in our government again but that's my little rant for today i want to thank you again for tuning in to another episode of the gonzo tonight show be sure to subscribe so you can stay updated with when we upload new episodes follow us on social media tonight for extra content go ahead and support the show at buy me a coffee dot com gonzo there's tons of benefits there also right now you can enter the giveaway still free t-shirt of your choice and um hopefully the zoom calls become much cleaner from now on and uh we're gonna get some in-person guests here soon so stay tuned uh we're working on doing that but again thanks for tuning in and i'll see you next time