The Gonzo Tonight Show

#46 - 2020 Election Update No. 1

November 06, 2020 Alexander J. Gonzalez
The Gonzo Tonight Show
#46 - 2020 Election Update No. 1
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Literally, it's been three days and it's not over yet. It probably wont be over for days or even weeks. In this episode, I give a recap of what exactly went down on election night and the days that followed, as well as what we can expect to come in the near future.

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thank you for tuning in to another episode of the ganzo tonight show post election episode here gonna break down what happened on tuesday night and wednesday and today and probably what's gonna happen days and weeks from now but real quick

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okay got the gonzo tonight mug in about time and uh let's just go ahead and talk about of course uh what happened tuesday night and uh it was a rather slow night when it came to the results a lot of um states coming in more slowly than usual as far as at least uh like officially claiming uh the states for one of the candidates we had a fox news was probably the most uh like the one news organization that was giving a lot of predictions and a lot of states called as opposed to cnn msnbc all those other guys they were being more conservative with it they were kind of holding back um the uh what is it they were holding back uh predicting a winner uh for these states until later on in the night i think they were still in double digits by 10 30 or 11 around there and biden was pretty much in the lead uh pretty much 99 of the time in that lead with uh trump coming up behind him and as i said last episode we got to around i want to say 11 o'clock 12 o'clock and we see the states that are left we see the the the biden winning by a little bit in electoral votes and uh trump kind of behind there we see the states that are left it comes down to about seven states or so that are neck and neck um as they say and trump was projected most people were looking at this and thinking okay trump has a good lead in georgia north carolina pennsylvania he even had a lead in michigan and wisconsin kept going back and forth but he had a good lead there and um alaska obviously alaska's kind of a given nevada and arizona were iffy that night but from what it looked like um donald trump could have easily i mean we were waiting on georgia north carolina those should have been obviously trump and pennsylvania he had a pretty big lead i think over 400 000 votes ahead of biden michigan he was leading for a majority of that night and at midnight uh midnight around one o'clock uh me personally i cut it off i said all right we're going to bed i think uh by tomorrow we'll know more wednesday morning comes and those states still haven't closed yet georgia north carolina the the votes seem to have stopped same with uh nevada they end up giving arizona to biden and then later on most news organizations took it back they said it's too early to call and michigan and wisconsin were going blue and wisconsin eventually was declared biden and michigan was also declared biden afterwards even though now the margin was not far apart and the votes are not all in it's and they're the margins were farther apart in michigan wisconsin than they are in georgia and north carolina yet they still call it for biden and have not called georgia or north carolina for trump and i'm looking at especially georgia i'm looking at this from going you're telling me that the race for georgia is closer than the race for florida because georgia i mean it's common sense georgia's all trump okay georgia's red as can be and he did significantly well in florida which is more of a swing state and i mean georgia was never really a swing state so i'm confused as to why bayern still keeps gaining votes as of now and why that margin is closing this is all the stuff that's going through my head and now where we're at is buying with two it depends on um what news outlet you're looking at but biden's at 254 264 trump said 214 still no alaska no georgia no north carolina pennsylvania he's still got a pretty good lead of about 100 000 votes but those votes are coming in very slowly they're like 80 86 now and they were saying those might not come until friday all the other states though they're not official again they're not claiming georgia and north carolina for trump so everyone's confused everyone's like what's going on and uh people on the left are saying okay bayen just needs one more state people on the right now today are looking into the voter fraud theories because it looks like there was a lot of fraud that might be happening and a lot of people are thinking you know especially initially okay well this is just what each side does when they are about to lose or when they lose is voter fraud but when i tell you i said there would probably be some voter fraud i didn't think like this it surprised me how much irregular irregularity we are seeing and we're just going to get into that let me see here uh

like i said though i want to talk about like i said last episode this is happening right now since tuesday night the media has been manipulating the narrative to make it seem like biden is very much in the lead he's very much going to win and that trump is really far behind and that's probably part of the reason in my opinion why they haven't given trump georgia north carolina or any of those states because

um it puts he's still at 214. it looks like he's losing by a lot because bayen's almost at 270 trump's all all the way at 214 but really if he was given you know georgia north carolina and alaska he'd be much closer to 270. and of course pennsylvania is still in play but most people are saying he can probably get it not in the mainstream media obviously but he could get that and then either arizona or nevada and win he wouldn't need michigan or wisconsin however we're seeing that trump was in the lead the election night and all of a sudden you're seeing you know the graph going up votes are going up votes are going up this is trump up here this is buying over here and then all of a sudden at one point the night it just goes all at once apparently it was michigan 128 000 votes i want to say all four biden not a single one for trump in pennsylvania uh it closed trump's lead because there was i think 200 000 ballots casted for biden and they were only for biden meaning that these ballots only had biden's name filled in and no none of the other uh candidates down the ballot no nothing for a senator house or for any of the local officials nothing just biden and wisconsin too there was a mail-in ballot dump there all for biden so trump calls for a recount in wisconsin and filed a lawsuit in michigan and pennsylvania and he's also i think they're planning on looking at arizona nevada georgia all the last states that are uh that we're waiting on excuse me bumping everything today and

it's obviously there's no denying there's something sketchy going on to what degree we're not sure yet but if you're looking at this data which most of it is true there's a lot of mis information going around but a lot of it is true you look at ballots of hundreds of thousands going in all at once to one candidate and you tell me that that's normal and that's legal then either you're ignorant or you're just denying it because that's not normal uh the dems accused trump of voter fraud last election with zero proof all hearsay all based on maybe a phone call here or there whatever and turns out it was false this time however we have every hour new information coming in showing that the democrats are clearly committing voter fraud from the smallest level to maybe even the highest level which is like hundreds of hundreds of thousands of ballots going in at once all the way down to poster people working the polls throwing out throwing excuse me throwing out trump ballots burning trump ballots some people say those were sample ballots all those things are being investigated though and i mean

all this stuff's coming out like right away and the lawsuits are filed the recounts are going and trump basically has come out and said you know we're going to make sure that every legal ballot is counted by kamala are saying we need all the votes to be counted i mean all votes counted and the trump team is saying yes all legal ballots should be counted of course absolutely and even a lot of experts are saying i'm saying and admitting if all the legal ballots are counted trump wins by a landslide but there's so much voter fraud right now so they say that it looks like biden's ahead and really not by a lot these these states were talking about these six or seven states it's not a big margin it's like barely in the lead he barely came back from trump from behind trump and um you know trump has significant leads in most of these states i mean georgia you're telling me that georgia's going blue i don't believe it especially for someone like biden give me a break

we're gonna look here at um what is this get out here

i wanna look at the map for

some explanation here i'll pull out the picture here this is abc news which has been relatively fair uh no new updates now so we're good okay all these states uh that i mentioned so nevada arizona are almost 90 georgia 98 north carolina 95 pennsylvania 93 now um trump's still in the lead by about a hundred thousand um michigan binds the lead by a hundred thousand wisconsin these are 99 votes and by the way buying in only 20 000 in the lead in wisconsin arizona um 70 000 biden

uh nevada like what is that i can't do math 12 000 maybe so very very close races keep in mind all these uh states that trump won he won them by a decent or significant margin um only a few states that biden won were you know a big margin like new york trump in new york was doing was it he had 40 percent of the vote that's huge for new york california 33 that's pretty much normal

i mean maine trump had 43 new hampshire 45. you have states like vermont and uh what is this massachusetts that he only has like 32 yeah virginia too was pretty close during the night and then all of a sudden biden came back that's another state i forgot to mention they're looking into virginia as well because trump was doing pretty good all of a sudden bind took a huge lead and um i wanted to show this right here i wanted to talk about basically how well trump did last night because he was doing really well if you look at it you know state by state if you look at it on a more local level he was doing really good breaking records and all this stuff broke records with minority voters and women voters voters all across the board he was the now the republican with the most minority votes ever so what are we looking at here states that are if you see on the ends here i'll pull up a picture here for those of you can see for those of you listening in audio um sorry hopefully i explain it well enough there are states that are considered solid democrat and solid republican basically that means that these states are likely to go republican and most likely they're going to go heavy republican or democrat vice versa we look at um the democrat ones here his average uh biden's average lead in these states i will say is about 60 so 60 40 in these solid democrat states we have uh the lowest one i think i see on here is fifty

four percent fifty three percent lead minnesota 53 lead uh the highest one is washington dc which is 93 but other than washington dc i think the highest one that we can see here is 65 percent in multiple states go over to the trump side of things we see i say an average of about

honestly i think it's an average of about 63 or 65 uh percent when he's winning these states because there's the highest one wyoming which is 70. 69 west virginia uh 65 oklahoma 64 63 62 65 again north dakota uh the lowest one we see is 57 57 in two states that's the lowest uh or the smallest margin when it comes to these 14 solid republican races so when it comes to races that were solid for that candidate trump over performed on his side compared to biden now we come into state uh races that are likely leaning democrat versus likely any republican nine democrat a republican on the republican side alaska iowa mississippi missouri montana south carolina south dakota and texas likely or leaning republican he won all of these he's going to win alaska it's not official yet but he is going to win alaska he won these the smallest one is 52 win the biggest one is 62 that's in south dakota so he is what he is winning all of those that were supposed to go to him uh or likely on the democrat side nine states likely leaning uh democrat arizona florida maine michigan north carolina new hampshire nevada pennsylvania wisconsin officially he has won one two three four of those you can argue arizona would be five and one of those is florida which trump has officially won one of those is north carolina which trump is currently winning one of those is pennsylvania which trump is currently winning arizona and arizona arizona and nevada could go either way still after this whole voter fraud thing michigan and wisconsin could go either way so if you're looking at this graph here if you can't see it it's hard to visualize but from what i'm saying too trump's reach he got all the states he was expected to win even the ones that he was likely to win and so far one toss-up ohio and the other toss-up is georgia he's still winning that one most likely going to win that as long as there's no more voter fraud coming into he's creeping into the likely leaning democrat states he's got one officially florida and he could potentially get three four five more of those biden didn't get any of the states that were leaning or likely for trump

so i just want to make that clear trump's performance on election night was really good

people believed that once those seven states closed at the end of the night or early morning next day trump would win however

the mail-in ballots came the the mail-in ballot dumps that were 100 biden or maybe even like some of there was one in wisconsin that was 98 at least they were trying to make it not as obvious but trump outperformed this election when it comes from state to state and which states he won he did a really good job

and um now we're in this this mess here where we're trying to figure out what's going on and uh the media is saying that biden's probably gonna win most likely they're saying oh trump may still have a chance but as these votes and the margins getting smaller and smaller they're saying uh maybe not

all part of the plan this is all unfolding right before our eyes uh stage one of my prediction is basically coming true now of course you can believe that this is all not true but i mean even if you even if you're on the other side most of the stuff that's happening you have to admit is true the narrative the talk about mail-in ballots the voter fraud all of this is coming up at the very least you could say it's being mentioned whether it's true or not that's up to you to decide well actually it's up to the facts aside but if you want to believe it or not that's up to you but the fact that it's being talked about all coming true and um now i think we're we're encroaching into the stage of riots riots are happening now in certain states that's not being covered as much but they're happening and we're getting into that stage the stage of riots and all that i think once this fraud stuff gets more popular and trump is the president trump and his team are you know coming after it harder and harder people are going to start getting pissed and saying oh he's trying to manipulate the election all this and that's going to be a big mess more riots and all that so we're getting into that riot stage we're getting in that stage two the violent stage so watch out for that

um and there's a i want to talk about this theory get a little more into the conspiracy side here this is going to be a little interesting there's a theory going around it's from qa none so we know they're not you know superficial or anything but there's a lot of stuff they've said that's right so and this is a conspiracy theory this is not 100 true this isn't factual as we know this is a theory the theory is that president trump and his and working with the department of homeland security has embedded a non-radioactive isotope in the mail-in ballots basically what that means is that's it's an invisible watermark so all the so the official mail-in ballots have a watermark that shows their official so any other mail-in ballasts that aren't official that have been printed will not have this watermark

so what they can do if this was true what they can do is go in to these states where there's potential fraud pull up all those ballots and scan them for this watermark if they have the watermark it's an official ballot if they don't have the watermark

it's not this is assuming the theory is correct

but what is true because they're saying this all happened after he appointed a new postmaster general in june and june 15th he appointed a new uh postmaster general who happens to be a trump supporter he's donated to the trump campaign uh he is an outsider and he's an ally of trump overall so their theory is that he put this guy in appointed this guy and uh let me pull the article here so i can read it

he points this guy what's his name uh come on get out of here

louis de joy louis de joy

the 75th postmaster general on june 15th so he appointed this guy and now i have trump an outsider

to be the postmaster general and what qnan hugh and on is claiming or theorizing here is that donald trump in collusion with the department of homeland security and the new postmaster have made a new system where these official mail-in ballots have a watermark that allows them to tell if it's real or not so this will help the effort in determining if these votes are legit or not uh the next step of that assuming all that was true the next step would be to you know take all those ballots and look at if these people are registered voters in that county and if they're still alive or old enough or whatever you got people 11 19 year olds voting no they're not 119 they're dead people that are dead people that uh don't live in that county whatever there were like in i think eight or nine states voting was above 100 percent the registered number meaning let's say there's uh a million registered voters in georgia um there was a million and one hundred thousand votes total in georgia that's just a hypothetic that's just an example um i'm going to pull that up here actually to give you the exact states of well you know where that happened

nevada voter turnout 125 pennsylvania 109 percent minnesota 107 percent north carolina 106 percent wisconsin 105 michigan also 105. arizona 101

these numbers of course may vary but the fact that and this is this is real clear politics a credible source this isn't some yahoo off the internet and um

we'll just have to wait and see i guess i mean what the official tally is but i personally believe there's voter fraud i was skeptical of it before now we're seeing something that possibly is greater than anyone expected

to add on to this q anon theory

they're saying that basically listen trump has been saying this stuff for months he's been saying that there's voter fraud and that they're going to try and steal the election he's been saying this for months people you know oh that's just what he's going to do if he loses he'll just you know pull that card but he's been talking about this for a while so q anon believes this was a sting operation basically by trump that he intentionally did this knowing that he would catch the democrats cheating and committing voter fraud in collusion with the department of homeland security and uh that basically they set them up they wanted to see like how how far would they go and then they could expose them and arrest them that's the theory so again this is not all true this isn't proven it's a theory but it's a very interesting theory in my opinion and um let's see here at the end of the day i mean we don't really know what's going on right now we have theories we have a small amount of we have an amount of facts that you know is all spread out and witnesses and all this and that we don't really know what's going on but i feel like it's going to come together soon another thing to note the deadline to confirm all the ballots is december 8th so trump and his team have until december 8th to prove that there was voter fraud and again let's say they call biden the winner at some point between now and december 8th it doesn't matter it's not official until december 14th when the electors cast their vote for the candidate so you know those elector for those of you that don't understand the electoral votes that you get per state alaska for example has three there's three electors that have to go and cast their vote officially for let's say donald trump if he wins alaska they go and cast their vote for donald trump and not not suggesting anything but the uh these electors are inclined to let's say that state goes to trump they vote for trump traditionally they vote wherever the people say because if not it's it looks bad on them it's it could be a mess so nothing is official the one the bottom line of that is nothing's official until the electors cast their votes on november excuse me december 14th you have a deadline of december 8th to straight out the voting and a deadline well not a deadline but on the 14th of december is when they cast their vote and make everything official that's that's basically just the system in place that makes everything official so nothing's official until then and then of course inauguration day is the 20th

so we're gonna see a lot happen between now and december 8th we're going to see a lot happen between now and uh january 20th inauguration day a lot happening a lot of late nights for me i don't know if you can tell but been some crazy stuff going on it's gonna continue to get crazy i think but in the end we will know the truth okay at the end of the day it's gonna be official we're gonna know what's going on and uh hopefully you know with minimal casualties but uh we're entering into the stage of riots and craziness shortly after this election stuff is starting to get uh squared away we're gonna see again some democrats going underground and eventually when everything is set in stone we're gonna see some arrests be made i'm still calling it guys go back and rewatch that video the last episode let me know what i got right so far and look out for what may come to uh may come true but anyway that's the first update i got for you the first election update 2020 but thank you guys for tuning in to another episode of the gonzo tonight show be sure to subscribe to the podcast you can stay updated with when we upload new episodes follow us on social media at ganzo tonight and support the page at buy me a ganzo you can also uh participate in the the what is it contest to win a t-shirt when you donate a coffee you get entered automatically so don't worry about that support the show buy some merch stores gonzo tonight and again thank you for watching the live stream thank you for subscribing thank you for all the support that you've given over the past year and i'll bring more updates soon until then take care guys you